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In October of 1926 the Central Park Free Library was organized as an Association Library with 41 Members. It was quartered in a small store near the railroad station. The board of directors included: Mr. S.I. Hicks, Mrs. A. Sorenson, Mr. H.G. Holzmacher, Mr. O.B. Briggs and Mr. E.A. Rosenthal.

Some of the first librarians were: Harriet Holmes, Elin Abramson, O.B. Briggs, Ardella Farnsworth and Matilda Fredericks.

February 17, 1927 the Library was granted a Provisional Charter by the Regents of the University of the State of New York. The book collection numbered 550 volumes.

In 1929 the library closed temporarily due to the financial difficulties. It reopened in October after $2,500 in tax support was approved by voters. In 1931 the library became a school district library supported by tax levy. The Library's name was changed to the Central Park Public Library.

Powell Avenue School

In 1936 Central Park became Bethpage and in 1942 the Regents amended the Library's charter to read Bethpage Public Library. In autumn, the library moved to larger rented quarters at corner of Broadway and Railroad Ave.

In June of 1949 the Library moved to the Fire Department building on Broadway. In 1959 the Adult collection moved to rented quarters at 237 Broadway while the Children's Services continued at the firehouse. The first children's librarian, Louise Carr, was appointed.

Renovated 1963 Library

In 1961 Gibbons and Heidtmann were selected as architects for a new building to be constructed on site of the Powell Avenue School.

On February 17, 1962 the building program received 5 to 1 margin of voter approval. In August construction of a new building began.

July 29, 1963 the new library building opened; the dedication was held on November 10. Those who served on the Library Board of Trustees during the planning, construction and dedication of the library building were Joseph G. Brennan, Leon C. Carlen, Robert J. Glasser, Victor L. Miller, Jacob Schaaf, and Louis A. Sisia.

Henry Miesels

Toby Hyman

By l966 the Library went on a 62 hour per week schedule -- staying open all weekday evenings to 9:00 P.M., Saturday to 5:00 P.M.

David Pinkwas

Lois Lovisolo

Henry Miesels, who had been director of the library since 1958, resigned in l967 to head Corn Belt Library System in Illinois. David Pinkwas appointed Library Director in December of 1966. Mr. Pinkwas' tenure as Director included the construction of the elevator, as well as the passage of the bond for the expansion that is the current library. He also managed the automation of the library beginning in 1988 until his retirement in 1989 when Toby A. Hyman became Director.

Ms. Hyman brought the Library through a renovation that added 14,000 sq. ft. to the building, including an auditorium which can seat over 200 people. The building architects were Bentel & Bentel of Locust Valley.

Toby Hyman retired in January of 2005 and was succeed by Lois Lovisolo who had been Head of Reference and Assistant to the Director until that time. As the current Director she has been overseeing several renovations to the existing building and promoting upgrades to our existing technology.

The Bethpage Public Library was one of the original 38 members to join the Nassau Library System. The System is now composed of 54 libraries which share services and deliveries.

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