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The Bethpage Public Library strives to offer public access to new and emerging technologies to encourage creation and collaboration within our community. This policy establishes guidelines for public use of the library’s 3D printers.
You will be e-mailed an invoice based on the estimated print time if your print meets our guidelines. Payment must be made in advance of printing, by credit card or cash. Finished prints will be held for pickup for a maximum of 14 days. Prints will occur in the order that they were submitted, however, priority will be given to Bethpage Public Library cardholders. The library reserves the right to change the order of printing objects or to refuse any 3D print submissions. We will not print any objects that are prohibited by any laws. The 3D printer will not be used to create any objects that are obscene, offensive, unsafe, harmful, pornographic, or poses a threat to the wellbeing of others. The Bethpage Public Library will not print any objects that are weapons, components of weapons, or objects that could be considered weapons.
If you have any questions, please e-mail

Pricing & PICKUP

  1. Printing cost is 50¢ per half hour. Objects will be printed once payment is received.
  2. No refunds will be given unless the object is unable to be printed. The library is not responsible for any errors that may occur during the print job.
  3. Printed objects will be held for a maximum of 14 days. If a patron has not picked up their object within those 14 days, the Bethpage Public Library will dispose of it.
  4. Prints may be picked up by any individual 13 years of age or older. Printed objects must be picked up by a parent or guardian for any individual under the age of 13.

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